Create the life you love

with Coach Christine Z

I empower ambitious women to create success from the Inside out.

You do everything 'right' but still feel lost?


What if I told you, that finding your true passion starts with a clear vision…

From the outside it looks like you are doing just fine. But you aren’t satisfied ticking off the 'right' boxes. You are looking for a clear path into your future. You want to find real connection and meaning in your life. Sometimes you feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel, not getting anywhere that feels real.

​Now you are here, because you are ready to break free from fear and self-doubt. You want to step off the hamster wheel and enjoy life on your terms.


What I can tell you from personal experience and the work with my clients: Nothing is out of your reach, if you focus on what you really want.


I will guide you on how to become 100% clear on your goals and control your focus to get you there with confidence!

If you are ready to build your vision,

book a free Strategy Session.

Who do you need to be for your dreams to become reality?  100% YOU!

Break free from the idea that you can’t be yourself to be successful.

Coaching is for people who know, that to become the person they were meant to be, they must first look inside themselves.

Coaching creates an internal shift within the person to transform their perspective, rather than what they are doing. Their new way of being is transferable to every aspect of life, building a better self-identity and amplifying their potential.


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What Others Say

"Christine is wise beyond her years. She listens deeply, observes, runs the conversation smoothly, then highlights the issue to move forward.


She supported me in my transition period as a mother and business owner. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a coach who will provide positive impact and clarity to their life."

Alia D

Let's shift what is holding



Ready for change?

Time to have it all while living your best life...

When was the last time you committed to investing in yourself?

The Breaking Free Lifestyle Program is designed to step you back into your power. To get past the crossroads in your life and live in a state of confidence and abundance! If you are ready to step into the successful version of yourself in all areas of life, while staying true to yourself, get in touch. If you believe anything is possible, but you are not quite sure how to get there on your own, this is for you!

Step outside your own limitations and create the life you love.

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