Hello, beautiful soul!

I'm Christine Z 

I help women step fully into their purpose and get paid to be themselves.

My passion

Supporting women like you, to step into their power and follow their purpose without letting fear hold them back.

My mission

To empower ambitious women to create opportunities and enjoy abundance in all areas of life.

Anything is possible when we say 'YES' to ourselves!


My Story

Living 100% authentically instead of chasing happiness

In my mid-20ies I found myself frustrated when I realised, I had followed the common path in life: I had done everything ‘by the book’, but I felt lost.

Something was missing: I wasn’t living my dream, my true purpose.

As a free spirit and traveller my ventures led me to New Zealand where I soon felt home. Following the call in my heart and move across the globe – against the odds. I took many chances, trusting the reasons why I came here in the first place. Yes, it paid off, but it took time.


This is what I now teach my clients: How to trust your intuition, stay focused on your goal and win against the odds!


I made bad choices in men, didn’t feel valued and took years to figure out, I wasn’t valuing myself and my own happiness enough for anyone else to do it. Now, I inspire women to step into their own power first, find themselves and build a life they are proud of – Love will come as a result of prioritising yourself. Others can feel the energy of us being in our full power.


During a stressful time I went out into the NZ bush to get away and find myself. I did and nature has become my sanctuary. Now, I find my answers on my daily walks and I encourage others to find their sanctuary, to connect with themselves without distractions.



Eight years after moving across the world I truly feel that I have it all…

I have created: a freedom lifestyle, the business I love working on every day, the man I love and the family have started together.  

As a coach, I am excited to have the honour of helping women build their vision in life. Since becoming a mum, my world has expanded so much that I decided to support other mums to get the best of both worlds: a loving family life and a flourishing business. SUPERMUM ACADEMY was born in 2021!


My passion for empowering others stems from my belief that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


It is entirely possible for you as much as it was for me,

when you know your destination.

That is my purpose. What is yours?


Hello dream life: Let's get you there!



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