Business Startup

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Where to start?

I get it. The thought of stepping out on your own can be daunting:

The amount of information is overwhelming. So many things to consider:

Business ideas, Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, Competition, Financial planning and forecasting… And you haven’t even started on refining your product or service yet!!!


Here is what I learned about starting out: 

An empowered mindset is the most important thing you need as a business owner.



















Developing the mental strength to keep going when things don't feel easy and exciting,

is the real skill of an entrepreneur.



For your business to become a long-term success, you need to have an idea that will inspire you long-term, while keeping a slight emotional distance to still be able to make rational decisions. This is particularly important when you are starting out and doing your market research, which may require you to adjust your business idea or pivot, in response to economic changes and challenges.



Yes, book me in for a Business Start-up Mentoring Session



What I help Start-ups to achieve:

  • Refine your business idea

  • Learn where and how to best get support for your initial setup

  • How to do Market research effectively, without wasting time and money

  • Decide which marketing strategy to focus on for now, to avoid overwhelm

  • Putting systems in place to allow for better workflow

  • Defining your role as a business owner within your business

  • Stay focused and productive: Are you busy for the sake of being busy? Cut the ‘crap’ for more efficiency

  • Grow the right mindset from the start to avoid hiccups along the way, that could cost you valuable time and energy


As a result you will

  • Use your time efficiently and effectively

  • Save money and time, compared to try and figure it out all by yourself

  • Be able to adjust or pivot and belong to the 37% of Kiwi businesses who succeed

  • Be more confident in the long-term security and growth of your business

  • Have a clear idea on what to expect from yourself as a business owner and from the journey of running a profitable business

  • Be in control: feel powerful and fearless thinking of the future

  • Have more flexibility and financial freedom to live life on your terms



Any questions? Message me.

Why not work for your own dream?


Fact is, we spend an average of 92,000 hours of our lifetime at work.

Why not make your hours count for yourself, while living the lifestyle you truly want?

Why not work for your own, rather than for someone else’s dream?


Let me guess, you have been playing with that thought for a while:

You feel stuck in your current job, with no more opportunity to grow.

After following ‘the common path’ you are looking for more…


You have put in years of hard work and somehow you feel

Life owes you.


There is this great idea you have, this talent, that skill that is unique to you and your personality. But you have never done this before and certainly don’t have money or time to waste to start on your own.



What you want, is someone to run ideas through with. 

Someone who’s been where you are right now an who has done exactly what you have in mind:

  • Stepping out and creating a second income for yourself.

  • Earn some extra on the side to support yourself, your family, the mortgage payments,

  • or simply to allow some of the little luxuries into your life! 

Failure is
  merely the                     decision to                   stop trying