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💲 Training 7 - Purpose to Profit: Sell, Sell, Sell!

How to market yourself authentically to call in your favorite clients!

🚴‍♀️ Training 8 - The Magic of Momentum

Simplicity is key: Create an easy to follow action plan to motivate you every day.

🧐 Training 9 - Why do I need a Business Plan???

I show you how to do a simple business plan your way. A document that you are actually going to use to keep on track and track your growth!

🦸‍♀️ Training 10 - Face the Fear and Rise

I guide you how to deal with inner blocks and self-doubt without letting them stop you from stepping into the most successful version of yourself!


🏋️‍♀️Training 11 - The empowered entrepreneur

Everything you need to know about self-leadership to avoid overwhelm and burnout. The purpose of your biz is to give you

the. best. life.

🎯 Training 12 Troubleshooting

Let's discuss some common struggles in new and growing businesses. So you can avoid them and get a head start in building your legacy!!!

ALL recordings will stay up for you to revisit even after the program has finished!

What’s special about this offer?

This program works whether you’re starting from zero or you’ve been on the biz journey for a while!

Incredible value – minimal financial investment: the equivalent to a restaurant visit to create your dream life and a sound foundation for your legacy.


If you want to accelerate your results, you have the option to add 1:1 sessions with me:


Session 1:  I will teach you my signature goal-smashing process to live your legacy, now.

Session 2: Overcome fears, blocks and limiting beliefs to maximise your success

Session 3: Exponential growth: How you can create passive income in any industry

Let's make business easy!

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You are ready to turn your purpose into a growing empire...

But your mind keeps getting stuck in analysis-paralysis, overthinking and perfectionist mindset.


You know you can impact thousands of people by doing what you love ❤️

Your dream is to create your best life by helping others.

EITHER You have been in business for a bit but not left the ‘starting out’ – phase: planning, structuring and tackling the same questions over and over again…

OR You are new to business: you are passionate about your ideas but just don’t know where to start and what strategy to follow

✨ 6 weeks 
✨ 12 trainings
 ❕  my unlimited                         messenger support

👩‍💻 Training 1 - From Employee to CEO

Learn how to turn passion into profit! Switch easily into your ‘business brain’ to guarantee sustainability. Because... if your biz is not profitable, you are not helping anyone!


🤯 Training 2 - The Winning Mindset

Activate your business success by adding your secret ingredient: this is what it takes to get paid to be you. I will teach you exactly how to shift into and STAY in your most empowered self.

🤝 Training 3 - Nail your niche

Get crystal clear who you are speaking to and what to say.

📣 Training 4 - Refine your message to attract your dream clients

Speak to those who benefit from your offer, make you feel amazing about your biz and turn into raving fans.

👑 Training 5 - The foundation for your Legacy

Build your bulletproof vision and make decisions easily, based on your BIG life goals.

📶 Training 6 - Aligned Structure & Strategy

Learn how to plan effectively and design your business around WHO YOU ARE being, not what someone else is 'doing'.


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