Who do you need to become 
to live your dream life?
Embody the successful version of yourself.

As a Coach I have seen it many times

Dreams without a plan, will stay dreams forever.

But if you have clear direction, you can achieve anything.

Stepping fully into who you are means...

  • Focus: Knowing exactly what you want, will get you results quicker.

  • Productivity: Become more efficient to create quality time for you & your family.

  • Motivation: Turn self-criticism into self-belief to naturally fuel your inspiration.

  • Authenticity: Acting with purpose and in alignment, will make personal and professional connections more powerful.

As a result, you will be

  • More Flexibility to live your dream lifestyle

  • Make decisions quickly and easily, without second-guessing yourself

  • Be confident in your relationships and business offers

  • Make more money, working less

  • Increased energy for the things that matter

  • Save money you are currently spending on things you don’t need, to invest in the things  aligned to your soul

If you truly believed that anything was possible,

what would you want your life to look like in 10 years time?

Any Questions?

What would help you

most right now?

Soul Alignment

You are inspired by new opportunities but haven't defined your long-term plan. You want clarity to make sure you take the right turn that will lead you your dream life. You need certainty, to be able to move forward without fear and fully step into your purpose.

If this is you, chat to me about:

The Breaking Free Lifestyle Signature Program

This 8-step program will help you to let go of internal barriers and move your life from good to GREAT.

In all areas. Over 12 weeks, we will be taking your life to the next level by identifying and overcoming what is  holding you back. Together, we will build a solid foundation for personal and professional success. You will leave each Session with Clarity and Confidence. At the end of this Program you will have a long-term Vision deeply connected to your values. Create a life you love and live it now!

VIP option with more 1:1 sessions and unlimited support.

Business Alignment


You are committed to leveled up.

You know what it feels to be brave, to put in the hard work and follow to your dream. You want to grow a sustainable business to create the impact and freedom lifestyle to live life on your terms. And you know that first-hand experience and guidance are going to save you time and resources.

This is for you:

Business by You

Get certainty on structuring, scaling and laying the foundation for your Business Success, without the fear and overwhelm. This program is a combination of Coaching and Mentoring. Flexible to your experience and current focus.

Business by You will get you well on your way to be your own boss and live the lifestyle you desire, without the uncertainty of having to figure it out all your own and by being 100% YOU.

In only 8 weeks you will be ready for Business on your terms!

Webp.net-resizeimage (2).png

Where are you now?


Once you claim responsibility for your present you can design your future.

If you are the person who colours outside the lines... 

If you think outside the box...

If you are dreaming of a flexible lifestyle and creating more choices for your future...

If personal freedom means more than just financial success...

If you are ready to create choices for yourself to live life on your terms...

Welcome home.

In the past, you have had to be brave.

You have faced challenges, overcome obstacles, perhaps lived in different countries and on the way you learned that you can achieve anything if you just put your mind to it. You have a passion for growth and success. But you don't know how to stay consistent to finally turn your dreams into reality.

If this is you, I know you are serious about taking your life to the next level.


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