Break Free from the idea that you need to become someone else to be successful

Reality is, you can achieve pretty much anything you want in life.

So why do we keep ‘playing small’?

We grow up with a perception of the world, including our own capabilities and limitations. Basically, our immediate environment, our parents, caregivers and extended family are painting an image of the world and of our own position in this world.

Whereby, their world view is based on their experiences, beliefs and the beliefs of their immediate family and so on... In short: Your relationship with life and how much you believe in your own abilities is determined by the beliefs of your previous generations.

We are being taught what is possible for us - the type of education, job, house, or family we can expect to have - and told what would not be available to us, such as a certain career (think astronaut), freedom (‘What are you going to live from?’), wealth (‘Not for people like us’).

Based on their own story, our parents put us into categories:  What kind of a degree we can achieve, how much money we will be able to earn, the lifestyle we are going to have, etc.

Our biggest task in our adult life is to let go of these categories and truly understand the fact that WE SET OUR OWN LIMITS.

To break free from the idea that we need to become someone else in order to create the life of our dreams, we need to remind ourselves regularly of this fact.

The idea that we can’t be ourselves to be successful makes us work harder without getting results, it makes us think we need to suffer before we deserve money, it makes us feel sad and lonely before we allow ourselves to meet a new partner and sometimes, it keeps us in that same space, if we don’t believe we deserve to receive what we truly want in life.

The key to overcome this concept, is to work on our mindset.

Taking the time and practice to bring ourselves into alignment with abundance, is our most important job. If we decide to step into our power, to accept ourselves and trust our own energy, we can create anything we desire. If we understand that we were born deserving of abundance, there are no limits.

And the best thing: It’s fun to go after what we truly want - the job, the lifestyle, the relationship, the family. If we align our heart with our deepest desires, we can’t help but strive for success.

I call this authentic success, as it is created from the inside out.

Hence, I call myself an Authentic Success Coach. I help people build genuine success and abundance in alignment with their values and personality. I teach my clients how to control their mind, overcome limiting beliefs and control their fear to step into their full potential and live the lifestyle they desire.

Change your mindset, change your life.

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