Business Success - ONLY 80% is Mindset ; -)

There is no idea that’s impossible to turn into reality - Tweak, it till you make it!

How to reconnect with how you feel about your business.

When things are not working out and we are starting to doubt our inner guidance, many of us start to try and DO more. We tell ourselves that the only reason we are not achieving and seeing the results we’d been hoping for, is that we are not working hard enough.

After all, we grew up with the idea that it is hard, unpleasant work that requires sacrifices that will bring us the outcomes really worth living for.

But times have changed. Reality has shifted. Since the online world has become a free advertising platform for anyone willing to understand it and use it to create an income, there is no need to follow anybody else’s rules anymore. We want real people, we seek authenticity and have learned to quickly filter anything form of quick advertising.

What is the secret to selling online?

It is being authentic. When you are genuinely offering support, advice or the solution for a problem AND people can relate to you, you have a winning strategy!

Unfortunately, we get distracted from our vision by marketing guru’s who are trying to tell us that we need to spend hundreds of dollars on ads, just to get frustrated. As an inexperienced business owner, this can be intimidating and frustrating when you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without any return.

I’ve been there myself. Eventually, sick of ‘failing’, I tried something different. I looked inward and reconnected with my business on a personal level.

I looked at my vision at how important it is for me to help people to see that everything they want is right in front of them, ready to be claimed. I removed the white noise and focused on finding joy again in what I do. I reminded myself of my skills and how I have helped many people to be more confident with who they really are.

Whatever your passion is, you absolutely CAN create success!

Your work is to check in with yourself on how you can serve people better.

How can you make it easier for them to see the value in your offer.

Your question has always got to be ‘How can I turn this into a success?’

Because you already got it.

You don’t need more courses, more certificates, more materials.

You need to give yourself permission to follow your dream fully. No ‘buts’.

You can decide to run your business your way, instead of being the victim of your false beliefs.

By being you.

By following your heart.

By listening to those, who you are wanting to help.

By responding to their problem, in their language.

If you decide to win, you get to live life to the fullest by being your own boss.

Never give up on your dream. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Give yourself permission to

Tweak it, till you make it.

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