How to reach your Next Level Life

Do you know what your next level looks like?

Regardless of what stage in your life you are in, whether you are on your way to become independent, building your dream, pursuing your career or focusing on partnership and family, when you think about ‘reaching the next level’, a picture will come to your mind immediately, of what that could look like.

We all have that one area in our life that either, could do with a boost and increasing our outcomes; or we may be facing an issue in an important part of our life that needs to be addressed in order to move forward. Whether it is advancement or 'damage control', we know that shifting this one thing would change our life significantly.

Our individual lifestyle, goals and dreams don’t make a difference when it comes to our general wish to progress in life. We all have a desire to step up in one way or another. There is always some part of our life where we aim for improvement. Money, love, purpose and true fulfilment are important to all of us. To be truly free in your choices you need to break free from the idea that you need to become somebody else in order to make everything you truly want happen for yourself.

All it takes, is to readjust your focus and shift your mindset - on a consistent basis. Everything you want is available to you. Now.

How do you control your focus and change your mindset?

  1. Be honest with yourself: Create space in your mind to listen to what you truly desire. What would be ‘the ultimate’ goal, the 100% achievement?

  2. Based on your 100% vision, write down exactly what this next level looks like for you. What will you have more of? What will you have less of? How would your life improve? And how will you feel when you have reached your next level?

  3. Surround yourself with positive people who support your vision. More importantly, don’t share or try to explain your dreams to someone who is going to challenge you and keep you stuck in your current state.

  4. Keep yourself in an empowered state – every day: Take time to yourself first thing every morning and start your day by stepping into your power. This can be exercise, a walk outside, meditating, journaling. Whatever makes you feel invincible!

  5. Treat number 4 as the most important job you have. It will change your life, your relationships, your focus, your productivity, everything. This is you most important task in your work and in your life: Always operate from an empowered state. We don’t always start the day in top shape, but we can always work on changing into the best version of ourselves. The more you do that and make it your morning routine, the easier it will get. Simple training.

Whatever your next level looks like, here's the truth:

You can absolutely make it happen!

The moment you decide to turn your dreams into reality is the most important. After that, everything else will follow: facing your truth, making a plan and taking action.

What is holding you back from stepping it up?

To create space, to create awareness and openly assess what area in our life gives us the most satisfaction and where we would like to see a change, is the first step to change our state.

What would be YOUR next level?

Looking inwards with openness and curiosity is all it takes to start the process.

You already have everything you need to step into your power.

Change your mindset, change your life.

Share your favourite way to step into your power below in the comments!

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