Letting go of the Past - Shift your Focus to what matters

This may seem obvious, but in order to control our focus, we need to connect to what truly matters to us. At a first glance, this is different for each of us. However, when we take a closer look, we will be able to recognise strong similarities.

The reason: we are all humans, social beings, with a natural desire for human interaction. Being part of a social network has for thousands of years been associated with safety, shelter and survival.

What matters to all of us in one way or another, is connection.

We need a sense of belonging to be able to thrive as individuals and be able to express ourselves authentically. Therefore, we won’t be able to recognise who we really are, unless we take a closer look at the connections that have shaped our upbringing.

What type of connections did we have, what where the characteristics or patterns?

No parent can always respond to their child in a perfect way. But children are unable to comprehend that until they grow up into adults, looking at the past from a different angle and perhaps facing similar challenges than their caregivers. No matter how comfortable we are in our early years, there is always something we can do to understand better.

And sometimes, we need to pause and look and play devil’s advocate. This may be the only way, we can free ourselves from the things we don’t understand.

To give ourselves a new start, we need to let go of the chains of our past. Who we were growing up has shaped us, but it does not have to define the person we are choosing to be today.

Your inner world directly affects your outer reality.

If you want to change your circumstances, you need to let go of what is holding you back and keeps you playing small. This could be a simple belief, a misunderstanding, a grudge, or a conception you have subconsciously adopted from someone close to you. Bring them to light and take charge of your thoughts.

What do you believe about Money, Success, Relationships?

Awareness creates freedom.

It is our responsibility to deal with every perception, emotion or paradigm that is keeping us in the same place we are now. When we look back on how long we have been in the same place and for how long we have tried to change, perhaps it’s not working more, pushing harder and blaming ourselves or others.

Perhaps, the work required is of entirely different nature.

Perhaps we need to look inwards, accept, feel and let go.

The best way to let go, is to realise that every little experience we had in our life, has shaped who we are today. We would not be the kind of person we are now, with all our wonderful skills (think superpowers), strengths and aspirations, if we missed out on one element of our story.

If you want to blame your past for all the bad things that happen to you,

You also have to blame that same path for all the great things that have come your way.

If you feel blocks around an area of your past, try this little empowerment exercise:

Write down all the GOOD things, you have your past, certain people, or circumstances to ‘blame’ for. In which way did these shape into the person you are today?

Express gratitude.

Be proud of who you have become.

Share your superpower with those around you. The world needs your talents.

This is what really matters: making a difference with your unique skills today.

Comment below what resonated most with you!

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