Mindset shift through Journaling

When learning something new, we are much more likely to memorise what we write down, compared to reading or hearing a piece of information. Creating a better reality for ourselves works in a very similar way.

We are able to improve our mental state, attitude and outcomes, if we manage to control our subconscious mind. Unfortunately, it is not easy do that by ourselves. One effective way to influence our own mind anywhere and at any time, is journaling. Sending a deliberate message to our subconscious mind regularly and repeatedly, will bring us amazing results!

As part of my practice to help my clients, I recently experimented with ways to bring myself into an empowered mental state. And, more importantly, to keep myself in that state. This experiment made me rediscover the power of journaling.

Depending on your intention, you may be putting your thoughts down on paper either the morning or at night before you go to bed. You can achieve very different goals through journaling:

If you are wanting some additional support with anxiety or depression therapy, I recommend completing a gratitude journal every night before bed, writing down 10 things that you are grateful for in this moment.

If your goal is to bring and keep yourself into a powerful mental state, try journaling first thing in the morning. Start with a statement of who you are wanting to be and be as specific as possible, e.g. “I am a successful business owner, helping people while living the lifestyle of my dreams.”. Important is, that you write your goal in present tense and as if you have already achieved it.

You can describe how you feel when you reached your goal and what is the single most important thing you can do today to get closer to this goal. Keeping yourself in a positive and empowered state, will, over long-term bring you mental clarity and alignment with the things that matter to you most, in life and business. You are training yourself to operate from an empowered mindset every day.

Practice self-care: A stressed, tired or worried mind will not be able to work focused and creative to help you build this reality for yourself. Always operate from an empowered state of mind.

Go back to your journal and put your current blocks or worries on paper to ‘get them out of your head’ and clear the space for productive thoughts.

My tip: Do one thing every morning just for yourself. This can be enjoying a cuppa in peace and without distraction, wearing your favourite shirt/lipstick, get up earlier and go for a 20-minute walk outside to clear your head before you start your day, play some happy music... If you make a habit of starting your day in a positive mindset, your work attitude will increase and your results will be much better.

Avoid checking your phone/emails first thing after waking up, which will most likely make you start your day focused on things to do and ‘tick off’. Connect with your self first.

What is your journaling routine? Comment below.

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