• Christine Z

Welcome to the Breaking Free Lifestyle!

Updated: Jun 8

~ This blog is about creating authentic success and personal freedom ~

What are we breaking free from?

  • Stress & Overwhelm

  • Feeling stuck on the 'hamster wheel’ and being controlled by our environment

  • Limiting beliefs that are holding us back and stopping us from living our best life

  • Elements of self-sabotage, such as toxic people, addictions, cravings, negative patterns of behaviour

To create space for a lifestyle of...

  • Feeling focused and energised

  • True fulfilment and purpose

  • Authentic success in life and business

  • Independence

  • Sustainable work-life balance

  • Alignment: being confident and proud of who you really are

  • Mental and spiritual balance

  • Continuous growth

  • Love and support

How are we going to do that?

By asking ourselves better questions in combination with goal setting, prioritising, filtering the important from the unimportant, creating simple changes for prompt results, by celebrating success, and establishing lasting improvements in every aspect of our life…

This is what Breaking Free Lifestyle all about!

To find and follow our unique path in life, we must be clear about the destination. Set big goals and remember to start each question with ‘How can I…’ or ‘What can I do today…’

This will keep you in an empowered mindset, looking for opportunity instead of excuses and creating instead of standing still.

Change your mindset, change your life.

I am here to help you fulfil your dreams of a better lifestyle for yourself and the people close to you,

Chats soon,

Christine Z