What does Authentic Success feel like?

Each person has their unique definition and measure of success. It may be a figure in the bank account, social status, friends, the size of our business, a certain type of lifestyle, having a large and happy family… We all tick differently and our unique vision of success defines the focus we need to choose in life in order to achieve true fulfilment. Therefore, success is not the way others see us, but the way we see ourselves. You could be a millionaire, living in a mansion and without financial worry, for others to perceive you as successful. If you value family connection above financial achievements, you may feel lonely or disconnected from who you really are. Your internal perception of a fulfilled life and the external perception of those around you, can differ greatly. Here's the easiest way to check in with yourself… Authentic success is the feeling you have first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Are you looking forward to your day? Are you excited about another day in the life you have created for yourself? Or do you feel tired, worn out, or even anxious at the thought of getting out of bed and facing the new day? Acknowledge what you are feeling without judgment. If you are unsure and your days are very mixed, what is the greater portion of your feelings? Are they mostly positive or predominantly on the negative side? Creating this awareness will help you to understand exactly what in your life you currently have and need more of, or which elements in your day you need to adjust or change to serve you better.

Authenticity can naturally be felt by others. Everything around us and inside of us, is energy and so is our personal mental state, which expresses itself for example in non-verbal clues, like body language, eye contact or the way we talk. People around you will sense your level of authenticity. Just as you can tell within seconds whether you feel a positive connection towards a person you have just met, or not. We feel inspired and uplifted by authentically successful people around us. We are drawn to those who follow their natural instinct to live their life the way they desire. We feel attracted to people who stay true to themselves, who care for others while not losing themselves in order to please others. In the same way, you will be able to sense within yourself, whether what you are doing right now is in alignment with who you truly are. Whether the way you live your life is bringing you long-term satisfaction and meaning. During the day, we can keep busy and distract ourselves in all sorts of ways, be it working, with technology, or addictions. But the moment we wake up, there’s only you and your honest and open thoughts and feelings. Do you look forward to your day or are you dreading to get up in the morning? If it’s the latter, it’s time for an honest check-in. Any situation can be worked on, if you decide to invest in yourself, your happiness and your future.

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