When nothing seems to be working

Many times in life and my business have I come to a point where nothing seemed to be working. No matter how much effort I put in.

No matter how many hours of work.

And when I had started to focus more on feeling than doing, some days it didn’t seem to make a difference how much I tried to connect to my deeper self, my WHY, my passion.

Some days the only way forward is to slow down and simply be human.

Some days, we are not meant to keep pushing in hope for results.

After many occasions of trying to make ‘it’ happen somehow, forcing myself to carry on when things just don’t seem to go in a favourable direction, or move at all.

Eventually, I remembered myself of my dream when I first started:

I wanted to be flexible,

Create more freedom,

Work when I felt creative, powerful and energised.

I realised, when I kept pushing myself and beating myself up for lack of results. I was doing the complete opposite to what I went into business for, originally:

To respect myself for who I truly was, to play by my own rules, honour what makes me happy and live life on my terms.

I asked myself ‘Have I truly lived today?’

This question changed everything for me.

If I now feel tired or exhausted and my motivation takes a free fall, I check in with myself. And trust myself, that sometimes I simply need to take time off.

Stop being productive simply for sake of doing something and live the life I had intended for myself when I first decided to go into business almost 2 years ago.

The best part: usually, within a couple of hours I cannot help but come back to where I left off full of new ideas and inspiration. Go figure.

What do you do when nothing seems to be moving into the right direction?

Remember that you are a human being with any right to live life to the fullest! Sometimes you simply need to give yourself permission.

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